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Catalogue: Special Commemorative Cancellations 2015
Universal Day of the Traditional «Ie» Blouse 2015

Universal Day of the Traditional «Ie» Blouse 2015
Wikipedia: Universal Day of the Traditional «Ie» Blouse 2015

Ie is the type of shirt of a typical gathered form of the collar, which exists since ancient times. It is also known as the "Carpathian shirt", similar to the Slavic (Bulgarian, Serbian, Ukrainian, etc.) peoples. The three-part decor code of this pleated shirt is almost always the same: in addition to the underarm embroidery, the altiță (derived from Serbian ла̏тица), there is a single horizontal row on the sleeve, known as increț, and diagonal stripes below the armpit and shoulder, the râuri. The underarm embroidery characterizes the entire costume, it is traditionally seen as the culmination of embroidery and decoration.  Read more..

This article uses material from the Wikipedia article "Romanian_dress#Ie", which is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0.

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On June 24, 2015 the Post of Moldova has released a beautiful series (2 stamps) dedicated to one of the female national costume elements, the traditional blouse called "ie". These two stamps (print run : 250,000 each), designed by Alexandr Kornienko, are included on the official FDC below (design: Maria Maximenco, print run : 300) with a cancellation from Chisinau (Office No. 9). To note the FDC postmark, featuring some embroidery elements of this blouse, as well as the other two cachets, a conventional hand postmark (with a blue ink) and a special cancellation mentioning that June 24 is celebrated as the Universal Day of that blouse ("Ziua universală a iei") !. Read more..
Original Date of Issue Original Date of Issue: June 24, 2015 Theme Theme: Traditional Crafts and Costumes
Michel Catalogue Nos. Michel Catalogue Nos.: ? Designer Designer: Unknown
MoldovaStamps Catalogue Nos. MoldovaStamps Catalogue Nos.: CS2015/12 Printer Printer: Unknown
Posta Moldovei Catalogue Nos. Posta Moldovei Catalogue Nos.: ? Category Category: Special Cancellations
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Special Commemorative Cancellations for this Issue

Universal Day of the Traditional «Ie» Blouse 2015

More Information

Michel Catalogue No. ? VALID: Official Issue of the Post Office (Entered Into Postal Circulation)
MoldovaStamps Catalogue No. CS2015/12
Posta Moldovei Catalogue No. ?
Cancellation Dated From 24/06/2015
Cancellation Dated To  24/06/2015
Euro Value 2.50
Philatelic Status VALID: Official Issue of the Post Office (Entered Into Postal Circulation)

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