№ U313 - Monument «Grieving Mother». Sculpted by Yuri Canaşin № U313 - Candle Over the River Dniester
VALID: Official Issue of the Post Office (Entered Into Postal Circulation)

March 2 - Remembrance Day Wikipedia

The War of Transnistria was a limited conflict that broke out in November 1990 at Dubăsari (Russian: Дубоссáры, Dubossary) between pro-Transnistria forces, including the Transnistrian Republican Guard, militia and Cossack units, and supported by elements of the Russian 14th army, and pro-Moldovan forces, including Moldovan troops and police. Fighting intensified on 1 March 1992 and, alternating with ad hoc ceasefires, lasted throughout the spring and early summer of 1992 until a ceasefire was declared on 21 July 1992, which has held. The conflict remained unresolved but in 2011 talks were held under the auspices of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) with Lithuania holding the rotating chairmanship.  Read more..

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Stamp: Monument «Grieving Mother». Sculpted by Yuri Canaşin
Envelope: Candle Over the River Dniester
True Date of Issue: 02/03/2012
Michel Catalogue No. Michel Catalogue No. U314
MoldovaStamps Catalogue No. MoldovaStamps Catalogue No. U313
Posta Moldovei Catalogue No. Posta Moldovei Catalogue No. PMF 196
Posta Moldovei Order No. Posta Moldovei Order No. 6694
Posta Moldovei COD No. Posta Moldovei COD No. 4/2012
Includes an Inflation Tariff Stamp Includes an Inflation Tariff Stamp NO
Philatelic Status Philatelic Status VALID: Official Issue of the Post Office (Entered Into Postal Circulation)
Envelope Size (mm) Envelope Size (mm) 162 x 114
Prepaid Stamp Face Value Prepaid Stamp Face Value 1.20 Lei
Tariff Stamp Face Value Tariff Stamp Face Value 0.00 Lei
Total Face Value Total Face Value 1.20 Lei
Applicable Postal Rate Applicable Postal Rate 1.20 Lei (1.9.2008-30.11.2012) Letters/Domestic/Moldova/Surface Mail/Unregistered
Quantity Printed Quantity Printed 20,000
Rarity Rarity Common
Euro Value (Mint) Euro Value (Mint) 2.50
Euro Value (Used) Euro Value (Used) 2.00
FIP Status FIP Status Compliant
First Day Cover for this Envelope First Day Cover for this Envelope Links № U313 FDC  
  Catalogue: Prepaid Envelopes 2012 Catalogue of the Postage Stamps of the Republic of Moldova
Issue:  March 2 - Remembrance Day

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