№ 182P SC - UNO 50th Anniversary Emblem

Stamp Card: UNO 50th Anniversary Emblem

Variety: Printing Proofs - Overprinted «SPECIMEN»
Michel Catalogue No. Michel Catalogue No. ?
MoldovaStamps Catalogue No. MoldovaStamps Catalogue No. 182P SC
Posta Moldovei Catalogue No. Posta Moldovei Catalogue No. ?
Sheet Type Sheet Type Stamp Card
Philatelic Status Philatelic Status VALID: Unofficial Issue of the Post Office (Circulated in Error)
Paper Type Coated (Glossy) Coated (Glossy)
Gum Gum Self-Adhesive
Colour Colour Multicoloured
Perforation Type Perforation Type Roulette
Perforation Size Perforation Size 0
Print Process Print Process Offset Lithography
Size (mm) Size (mm) 54.00 x 86.00 (± 1-6mm)
Quantity Printed Quantity Printed ?
Rarity Rarity Impossible to Find
Euro Value (Mint) Euro Value (Mint) 250.00
Euro Value (Used) Euro Value (Used) 250.00
FIP Status FIP Status Compliant
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First Day Covers Bearing this Sheet First Day Covers Bearing this Sheet Links -
  Catalogue: Stamp Issues & Related Items 1995 Catalogue of the Postage Stamps of the Republic of Moldova
Issue:  50th Anniversary of the United Nations Organization (Stamp Cards)

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