№ 176 (1.80 Lei) Ioan Vodă cel Cumplit (1572-1574)

Ioan Vodă cel Cumplit (1572-1574)

Wikipedia: Ioan Vodă cel Cumplit (1572-1574)
John III the Terrible (Romanian: Ioan cel Cumplit), also John III the Brave (Romanian: Ioan cel Viteaz) (1521–1574) was Voivode of Moldavia between February 1572 and June 1574.  Read more..

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Variety:  Standard Series
Michel Catalogue No. Michel Catalogue No. 176
Yvert & Tellier Catalogue No. Yvert & Tellier © Catalogue No. 147
MoldovaStamps Catalogue No. MoldovaStamps Catalogue No. 176
Posta Moldovei Catalogue No. Posta Moldovei Catalogue No. 188
Stamp Type Stamp Type Commemorative
Philatelic Status Philatelic Status VALID: Official Issue of the Post Office (Entered Into Postal Circulation)
Paper Type Paper Type Coated (Glossy)
UV Luminescence UV Luminescence Non-Luminescent
Gum Gum Gummed
Colour Colour Multicoloured
Perforation Type Perforation Type Comb
Perforation Size Perforation Size 14
Print Process Print Process Offset Lithography
Size (mm) Size (mm) 25.50 x 43.00
Original Face Value Face Value 1.80 Lei
Applicable Postal Rate Applicable Postal Rate 1.80 Lei (15.10.1994-19.4.1997) Letters/International/Europe/Surface Mail/Registered
Quantity Printed Quantity Printed 20,000
Rarity Rarity Rare
Euro Value (Mint) Euro Value (Mint) 7.00
Euro Value (Used) Euro Value (Used) 7.00
FIP Status FIP Status Compliant
Se-Tenant Items Containing this Stamp Se-Tenant Items Containing this Stamp Links -
Sheets for this Stamp Sheets Links Minisheet № 176 Kb
Booklets Containing this Stamp Booklets Containing this Stamp Links -
First Day Covers Bearing this Stamp First Day Covers Bearing this Stamp Links № 172-176 FDC
Maximum Cards Bearing this Stamp Maximum Cards Bearing this Stamp Links № 176 MC


Catalogue: Stamp Issues & Related Items 1995 Catalogue of the Postage Stamps of the Republic of Moldova
Issue:  Princes of Moldavia (II)

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